Amazon Connect Voicemail

Audio player from Toolkit

Amazon Connect agent workspace is a single, intuitive application that provides your agents with all the customer information and step-by-step guidance they need to onboard faster, resolve issues more efficiently, and improve customer experiences.

The agent experience

By leveraging the Toolkit from CX Studio, we have significantly enhanced the agent experience for critical business operations. In this example, we have seamlessly integrated customer voicemails into an intuitive and powerful agent interface. This integration allows agents to view transcriptions of voicemails and interact with the audio waveform to select and listen to specific parts of the audio file.

Toolkit from CX Studio.

Toolkit from CX Studio provides a collection of powerful components that seamlessly integrate with the Agent Workspaces to provide richer and powerful interactions for your agents.

Below is an example of the Google Maps component that is available. This feature provides agents with an interactive and real-time view of items or services in transit.

Customer Journeys

For more information visit our Toolkit section.

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