Amazon Connect Accelerator - Cato

Cato is an operational management portal for Amazon Connect that delivers increased business value in three core areas: Generative AI knowledge management, visualizations and business insights, and intraday contact center management. By leveraging the power of AWS and Generative AI, Cato enables businesses to improve their contact center KPIs, reduce operational burdens, and streamline IT management.

Harness Generative AI capabilities to deliver exceptional business and customer value.
Generative AI
Empower the business to make intra-day changes to meet their KPIs.
Business Control
Cato supports multiple Amazon Connect instances from a single UI.
Single UI

Unlock the knowledge within your documents and empower customers, agents, and employees with a Generative AI chatbot trained on your own content. This chatbot will offer reliable, hallucination-resistant responses in multiple languages.

A Generative AI knowledge bot

Your very own generative AI chatbot. using only your business data , provide your employees and customers with an experience to interact with your content in a conversational and intuitive way.

  • • Your business data
  • • Hallucination-resistant
  • Operational excellence with audit controls, logging & reporting

Your choice of channel

xQ offers a consistent and helpful experience across multiple channels (chatbot/voicebot, social, internal website, email or CRMs), delivering value to your customers and employees.

Language and Personas

Provide personalized experiences for all users. External customers benefit from a multilingual FAQ chatbot offering detailed answers within your content base. For internal employees, the experience delivers concise responses focused on the essential information they need to complete tasks efficiently.


Contact Centres generate a rich set of real-time data that is essential for both the real-time management of the contact centre and for reporting and insights to understand and improve the overall customer experience.

Real-time and Historical Dashboards

Cato delivers a comprehensive set of real-time and historical dashboards and analysis tools that are delivered out of the box. With a single application, we bring together data from multiple Amazon Connect instances and enable you to create dashboards using drag and drop pre-built widgets.

Generative AI with Amazon Quicksight

Powered by Amazon Quicksight, customers enjoy a robust set of dashboards, reporting, and GenerativeAI features that allow you to explore and visualise your data via the Cato UI to your contact centre managers, leadership, and agents.

Compliance Recording

Amazon Connect is limited to 2 years of search and playback. With Cato, we extend this capability to decades. Advanced Search is based on many dimensions such as date, time, queue, agent, sentiment, themes, and natural language transcription.


Many businesses face increasing pressure to manage the day-to-day activities of the contact centre. Being able to respond to intra-day situations and events is critical for a world-class customer experience. Cato simplifies this process by providing the business user with a modern UI that facilitates live changes to the contact centre without IT involvement. From multi-language prompt management and scheduled closures to toggling routing & business logic, Cato delivers.

AI-powered Multi-Language Prompt Management

Manage all your prompts within a modern UI that provides AI-powered real-time translations to support a multi-language contact centre. Changes are made instantly without any IT involvement. Instantly enable prompts that provide service, promotional, or emergency notifications to your customers.

Advanced Closures

Manage your contact centre's opening hours across all time zones. Schedule one-off, scheduled, and recurring closures with closure-specific prompting and multi-language support.

Use the toggle switches to emergency close a queue, building, country, or global contact centres.

Business Agility

Use our customisable variables to drive real-time routing and business logic changes. Some example use cases include:

  • Turning on/off callback in queue
  • Turning on/off post-contact surveys
  • Changing % allocation for new features (Blue/Green)
  • Modifying the business logic

Cato has been meticulously designed and built leveraging years of our Amazon Connect and AWS Well-Architected experience and know-how. We have adhered to best practices for security, compliance, resiliency, and availability.

Security Built In

All customers enjoy the same Cato platform and security features. Cato is rigorously tested against AWS security best practices and provides SAML authentication out of the box. Role-based access control allows you to manage who can create, read, update, and delete resources.

Mission Critical Resiliency

Cato is a distributed SaaS platform, with all your data residing in your AWS Account and the Cato UI being delivered via the AWS global cloud network. The solution has been designed to meet mission-critical resiliency levels.

  • Global UI delivery with AWS's network
  • Support for Amazon Connect regions
  • Designed and tested for RTO and RPO at mission-critical levels

AWS Qualified Software

CX Studio has been recognised by AWS and awarded the Service Delivery Partner designation for our work and expertise with Amazon Connect. We have channelled our years of experience with Amazon Connect and contact centres into building Cato, to accelerate customer success and provide them with the tools they need out of the box. Cato has been reviewed by AWS and achieved the Qualified Software designation.

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