Press release - Parent Sense app to offer parenting chatbot

South African-based Parent Sense will add a chatbot to its app. This follows the company recently reaching the 130 000 downloads milestone in the Android and iOS app stores

Generative AI Chatbot


Launched in 2020, Parent Sense tracks a new-born baby's regimen and provides real world parental advice. The app intuitively suggests a flexible routine, with prompts for when it's time for the next feed, bath or sleep time.

It also tracks weight, health patterns and vaccination schedule. It uses data to adjust to the baby’s 24-hour routine and provides customised feeding and sleeping times so that parents don’t have to do it manually.

In an e-mail interview, Meg Faure, founder of Parent Sense, tells ITWeb the chatbot is being developed by London-based software company CX Studio.

“The Parent Sense chatbot is an exciting development that goes above and beyond what current chatbots are capable of doing,” notes Faure.

“A new mom might be anxious about their baby’s feeding and ask the chatbot ‘is my baby feeding enough?’ or maybe ‘is my baby getting enough sleep?’ when enquiring about their baby’s sleeping pattern. The chatbot will be able to provide info in text format.

Upon its release, the chatbot will be available within the app in the chat section and as an open API for medical insurers, employee wellness organisations and any other companies looking to integrate it into their systems.

"We are honoured to collaborate with Parent Sense in introducing this game-changing fusion of AI and parental support to families," said Marc Turner, CEO of CX Studio. "Our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences has led us to leverage the latest advancements in generative AI technology, enabling interactions to feel natural and authentic. This allows parents to truly connect with Meg's expertise on a personal level."

Faure is an occupational therapist by profession and says the chatbot will be created with a filter that uses all her work from the past 20 years.

“The engineering behind the chatbot will ensure the chatbot would only offer answers that are in line with my expertise,” comments Faure.

She points out that the chatbot will be built with a medical triage function that prevents it offering medical advice.

In recent months, the company has added several new features to the app, including a weekly poll for users to engage with and offer support to each other; a weekly video feature from Faure, which includes tips and advice for parents; and a responsive routine feature, which helps parents track their children’s routines.


"This journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, both professionally and personally. We're bursting with excitement as our ChatBot prepares to integrate seamlessly into any system."

Meg Faure
CEO of Parent Sense

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