A Cato feature - Generative AI

Harness the extraordinary power of generative AI to revolutionize your customer interactions, knowledge access, and operational efficiency.

At CX Studio, we are applying our decades of CX expertise in the Generative AI era, creating a range of products and accelerators designed to solve business problems and drive tangible value. Below are a selection of our Generative AI use cases.


Unleash the conversational potential of generative AI chatbots to deliver a new level of customer engagement. These advanced chatbots understand complex queries, provide tailored answers, and personalize interactions – all while operating 24/7 to improve customer satisfaction and reduce support costs. If you have a website, an app, or a support channel, a generative AI chatbot can be your new frontline for customer experience excellence.

Complex Intent Understanding

Transform your chatbot experience by blending the power of generative AI with your core business logic. This winning combination allows your chatbot to grasp customer intent with unparalleled accuracy, delivering swift and satisfying resolutions. The result? Happier customers, reduced escalations to live agents, and streamlined support costs for your business

Get Instant Answers with Generative AI-Powered Q&A

Our intelligent chatbot leverages generative AI to understand your questions in a way that feels natural, just like talking to a person. It taps into our knowledge base to provide instant, accurate answers about our products, services, policies, and more. This means you get the information you need quickly, without long wait times or frustrating searches.

Personalize Interactions with Generative AI Chatbots

Move beyond generic chatbot responses with the power of generative AI. These chatbots adapt to each user's unique language style and preferences. They can even recall past conversations to build a richer, more personalized interaction that fosters customer loyalty and enhances the user experience.


Discover the power of a secure, accurate, and easily integrated knowledge base solution, available in multiple languages. Our generative AI-powered knowledge base leverages RAG technology, ensuring employees and customers always receive reliable information, regardless of their preferred language. Seamlessly connect with your website, chat systems, and even WhatsApp through our CX Studio integration. Track conversation history for valuable insights, optimize training, and streamline improvement efforts. Plus, enjoy robust document management and audit controls for enhanced governance and compliance.

Unlock Instant Insights from Your Documents

Stop wasting time sifting through endless documents. With a Gen AI-powered knowledge base, employees can ask questions in plain language and get the most relevant answers instantly. This streamlines decision-making, boosts productivity, and ensures your organization is always working with the most up-to-date knowledge.

Supercharge Employee Onboarding and Training

Empower new hires to hit the ground running with a knowledge base that understands their questions. Avoid lengthy training sessions and reduce the burden on existing staff by allowing new employees to find answers independently. Gen AI even helps identify knowledge gaps, allowing you to refine your training materials for maximum impact.

Protect and Leverage Your Intellectual Property

With a private Gen AI-driven knowledge base, your valuable information stays secure within your organization. Sensitive data, trade secrets, and customer insights are easily accessible to authorized personnel, promoting collaboration and innovation while maintaining control over your intellectual property.

Contact Centre Transcription Analysis

Unlock the power hidden within your contact center conversations. Our generative AI-powered transcription analysis solution intelligently mines call data to extract actionable insights, generating call summaries, revolutionizing knowledge management, sales strategies, and quality assurance processes.

Understand Questions and Answers to Create a Knowledge Base

Tap into the wealth of questions and answers exchanged during customer calls. Our system automatically identifies common inquiries and formulates accurate responses, building a robust knowledge base that empowers both self-service and agent-assisted interactions. This empowers customers to find answers faster and frees up your agents to focus on complex cases.

Automate QA

Streamline quality assurance processes by automating call transcript analysis. Our system identifies trends in agent performance, measures adherence to scripts, and flags potential compliance issues. Get data-driven insights for coaching, training, and continuous improvement of your contact center's performance.

Sales Opportunities

Uncover hidden sales opportunities by analyzing customer conversations for buying signals, objections, and competitor mentions. Our AI pinpoints potential leads, highlights upselling possibilities, and allows your sales team to tailor their approach based on real customer insights. Increase conversions and drive revenue with data-backed sales strategies.

Conversation Summary

Get an instant overview of each call with AI-generated summaries. Key discussion points, action items, and sentiment analysis are distilled for swift review. This eliminates the need to re-listen to lengthy calls, saving valuable time for your team.

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